LE NOËN workshop also offers personalized and tailor-made
by working directly with clients on special projects.

After an initial discussion a draft proposal is submitted
that takes into account all details, notably the choice of leather,
the color of the thread and the detail of the buckle.

Since 2006, LE NOËN workshop has created exceptional designs
for hundred customers who love French know-how
residents in Paris, Monaco, Tokyo, New York, Toronto,
Berlin, London, Geneva, Brussels, Vienna, Sydney


Fashion leather goods, creations and special order, bags, straps, belts, accessories by LE NOËN


Heidi women bag was created with bleu taurillon, lined with Jean-Paul Gaultier canvas, tattoo Japanese style. Handmade by LE NOËN luxury leathergoods makers.
Watch strap custom-made in calfskin, entirely hand sewn for Zenith watch. made in France by luxury leather goods maker.
Bags for women custom-made for Christmas. You choice the leather and the kind of handles. Made in France by LE NOËN leather goods makers.
Western belt custom-made in black box calfskin. Hand made in France by LE NOËN luxury leather goods crafstman.
Watch strap for Baume & Mercier watch, special order in bleu calfskin, hand made by LE NOËN
Watch straps are made in our workshop tailor-made for all kinds of luxury marks. Entirely hand sewn by LE NOËN leather goods maker.
Belt tailor-made with nubuck calfskin and orange calfskin, solid brass buckle, nickel-plated finish. France
Bag for woman in taurillon leather. Tailor-made by LE NOËN French accessories designer.
This luggage "Cupertino" is an unique piece in cowhide leather, linen interior, the handles are sewing by hand, technique of leather saddlery. By LE NOËN luxury designer France.
Wicker and leather lamp for your living room, an original object made by LE NOËN leather goods designers in France.
Balt calfskin handmade on size with solid brass buckle. By LE NOËN leather goods savoir-faire.
Iphone case in special order, with grained calfskin.
Panerai watch strap tailor-made in cowhide, entirely hand sewn. Luxury leather goods technique. LE NOËN France
Man bag, luggage London Gentleman made by luxury leather goods LE NOËN made in France.
Wallet for man in leather brown calfskin. Custom-made creation with change purse, cards holders and papers. Made in France by LE NOËN leather goods makers. The most finest know-how in luxury fashion.
Special order for this watch strap in calfskin, entirely hand sewn by luxury leather goods makers in France.
This back bag is made in yellow sunflower taurillon and brown calfskin, lined with brown cotton. It's a special order with his clutch bag. French savoir-faire by LE NOËN luxury leather goods craftsmen.
French luxury leather goods maker. Bags for woman and man, luggages, small leather goods. Made in France by LE NOËN
This bag is a custom-made creation for man with a taurillon leather Nappa, very smooth and light. Very fashion man's bag. Handmade by LE NOËN leathergoods makers in France.
Wallet in special order, buffalo leather, blue threads, billfold pocket, credit card slots, purse. Made in France by LE NOËN. Luxury leather goods maker.
Cards holder in grained calfskin, special order for customer.
Calfskin reversible belt made in calfskin in our workshop in Provence. France
Bag for woman tailor-made in cowhide leather, goatskin lining with pockets for smartphone, keys, wallet... Luxury leather designer LE NOËN France.
Reversible belt in brown calfskin avec solid brass buckle. Custom-made by LE NOËN luxury leather goods designer.
This Valentine bag for woman has been made in blue cowhide, lined with Jean-Paul Gaultier linen. Bag custom-made for Christmas by LE NOËN French luxury leather goods designers and makers.
Woman's bag in taurillon leather, limited series created by LE NOËN leather goods crafstmen in Provence. France
Hermès watch strap tailor-made with brown calfskin, entirely sewing by hand. LE NOËN France
Tote bags for woman limited serie, in swift calfskin, linen Jean-Paul Gaultier inside, cowhide handles. France
Dog collar and special lass Tailor-made, in orange and brown grained calfskin. LE NOËN leather goods maker in France.
Bag for woman, limited serie in taurillon leather and cowhide handles. Special creation by LE NOËN. Know-how of excellence.
Collars tailor-made for wirehaired dachshund, made in vegetable tanned cowhide. Entirely hand sewn by LE NOËN leather goods maker in France.
Change purse small size for man, in grained calfskin. France
Belt tailor-made in grained calfskin and red box leather. Made by LE NOËN leather goods in Provence.
Very special ranger belt tailor-made in cowhide with american silver buckle from customer. Made by LE NOËN leather goods in France.
Man's bag tailor-made in taurillon leather with adjustable strap in cowhide by LE NOËN luxury leather goods in France.
Woman bag tailor-made in taurillon leather, cotton lining avec pockets. Unique piece made by LE NOËN , fashion for woman and man.