French leather goods craftsman.

Philippe trained with the best French leather design companies :
Maison HELLER a subcontractor for MORABITO,
the custom designs division for Louis VUITTON,
with Serge AMORUSO and Guy CHANEL.

His experience and professionalism have made him
an exceptional artisan but he loves nothing more than
applying traditional techniques to contemporary designs
and working on more audacious projects involving leather.

Discover the timeless beauty of luxury leather goods
from  the LE NOËN workshop.


French leather goods savoir-faire by LE NOËN. Designer bags, luggage, small leather goods, belts in Provence - France
French leather goods maker. LE NOËN workshop makes bags, luggage, small leather goods, belts in leather. French creations.



Philippe grew up surrounded by sewing machines and fabrics
in a family of craftspeople.
He spent five years studying in fine wood working but his passion
for horses took hold of him.

His eclectic talents then pushed him  to do everything he could
to learn the saddlery.
A special affinity has linked him to Robert PUJADES, a saddler
who taught him the basics of saddlery and influenced his decision
to pursue that career.

Subsequently, he went on to study at the BOUDARD School,
in art saddlery and leather goods.
Graduating first in his class, he was immediately recruited to work at HERMÈS.

To broaden his experience, he went on to work at the Maison
HELLER a subcontractor for MORABITO where he mastered
working with precious leathers entirely sewn by hand.

In order to satisfy relentless passion for leather working techniques,
Philippe joined the special orders workshop at Louis VUITTON,
where he designed and created one-of-a-kind objects.

After a few years working for these world class leather houses,
he will meet Guy CHANEL, a former saddler at HERMÈS.
His dream finally comes true  because he will learn by his side
the manufacture of custom-made English saddles.

The combination on Nancy’s artistic training notably photography and
design, with the richness of Philippe experiences, makes LE NOËN
one of the place for luxury leather goods.

Their irrepressible creating is also interdisciplinary and being inspired
by their passions for motorcycles, bicycles, vintage cars,
horse riding, interior decoration and of course fashion.