Bags, wallets, belts, leather for women and men 2019-04-21T19:29:35+00:00
Valentine bag for woman made in France by leather goods maker. Fashion luxury
Leather bag for woman, made in France by LE NOËN leather goods maker. The french luxury touch.
Woman's handbag in taurillon and cowhide made in provence. Luxury leather goods. craftsmen, LE NOËN France
Bracelet in leather double or triple tour. fashion accessories made in taurillon leather by LE NOËN in France
Business or weekend bag for man or woman in cowhide. The French touch in leather goods. LE NOËN France
Belts in leather for men and women. Belts in half-measure or made-to-measure. French leather goods designers.
Purse in calfskin for woman or man. French designed and manufacture. LE NOËN Provence France
Leather accessories, a fashion change purse in brow box calfskin, lined with anise green pig skin. Ideal to see all your change, for woman and man. French savoir-faire.
Belts for woman or man in leather : cowhide, ostrich, alligator. Leather goods craftsmen in Provence France.
Men's bag cowhide. ideal for cycling, motorcycling or on feet. Made in France by LE NOËN.
Women's bag in taurillon leather, French design and handmade by LE NOËN leathergoods craftsmen.
Heidi is a fashion casual and refined bag for women. Handmade by designer leathergoods in France.
Bag for man in leather and linen. Very light with a vintage style, entirely made in France by LE NOËN luxury leather goods maker.
Woman's bag Valentine II is made in taurillon, lined in cotton. Hand made by LE NOËN luxury leather goods craftsmen.
Change purses in grained calfskin made by luxury leather goods in France. LE NOËN
Purse in calfskin for woman and man, bank cards format. Fashion accessories by LE NOËN luxury leather goods.
Ostrich bracelet The fashion accessorie for woman. Design in France by LE NOËN
Bracelet in royal blue lizard, made by a famous leather goods craftsmen LE NOËN in France
Grey ostric-paws bracelet for woman, the fashion accesories made by a French artisan, leather goods makers in Provence.
Woman's bag in taurillon leather, limited series created by LE NOËN leather goods crafstmen in Provence. France
Clutch bags in taurillon, made by LE NOËN leather goods.
Wallet for woman in grained calfskin : puse, bank and identity cards. Hand made in Provence, leather goods makers. France
Wallet for woman, fashion accessorie for every day. French savoir-faire in luxury leather goods. LE NOËN in France