leather and wicker lamps for home. Uniques pieces designed and hand made by luxury leather goods manufacturers. France

Wicker and leather lamps.

You are dreaming for an unique lampshade for your living room, dining room
or entryway ?
The LE NOËN brand imagined this wicker and leather lampshade with a basket weaver. Created in only two copies, this lampshade’s asymmetry and presence make it stand out as a truly original object.
The wicker is open weave, to leave room for bands of orange calfskin, saddler finishes (hue, hot net and polishing of slices).
Electrical elements are brass, orange electric cord matching leather.

Dimensions : H60 cm  x  L38 cm

Price : 500 €     
Two single pieces.

Made in France

I want to buy theses luxury French leather goods !