LE NOËN workshop offers sustainable and timeless collections and is committed to preserving and perpetuating know-how in luxury leather goods.

Our creations are made in limited edition and sometines as a unique piece. Fell free to personalize them by choosing the color of the leather, the thread…
We offer our expertise in custom-made / unique creation work.

Created with the highest quality standards  and materials, LE NOËN products are flawless, beautiful, sophisticated and simply exceptional.


LE NOËN workshop - Prototype is the beginning for a creation in leather. French hand made by LE NOËN
French workshop - Handmade leather stitching is one of a craftsman technique.


Each step of creation, from drawing to making through the prototype, cutting and assembly is handmade by according to an hand-crafted manufacturing method by the talented designer Philippe NOËN, passionate about excellent know-how.

Specialist in saddle stitching, a method used in particular for sewing custom-made watch strap or some bag parts such as round handles, flap assemblies…

All our creations are designed and handmade in our workshop in Périgord, using the same processes and finishes as the famous luxury French houses.


The leathers come mainly from French tanneries.
Each leather is carefully selected entrance the characteristics and fell of the object being created.

The leathers, threads, fabrics and buckles are carefully selected from French suppliers, chosen for their know-how and their reputation in luxury leather goods.

Our workshop overflows with a multitude of fine leathers such as vegetable tanned cowhide, bull, calfskin, goat, goat kid, buffalo, pork, fur,
or more precious leathers such as alligator, ostrich, lizard and stingray.

The leather goods maker uses different kind of leathers : bullcalf, cowhide, calf, alligator,goat...